Please read Bob DiLonardo’s most recent article in Loss Prevention Magazine, The Improbable History of the Ink Tag, dated March 1, 2019.  Bob takes us back to where it all started in the 19080’s with the European company, Color Tag®.  He also mentions Knogo Corporation’s ink tag contribution back in the 80’s, and how Knogo was the second largest EAS company behind only Sensormatic at that point.  Security Tag was another trailblazer in the ink tag arena, as well as CombiClip, Checkpoint Systems, Inc., EAS SensorSense (WG), Unisen, and Universal Surveillance Systems.  The management team from Unisen, a company acquired by Best Security Industries (BSI) in 2009, are current members of the ALL-TAG Corporation management team.  Therefore, ALL-TAG has been and continues to be a significant player in the ink tag market as well.

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