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Metal Flat Head Pin


Metal Flathead 16mm Pin General Features: This pin is compatible with many different Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio-Frequency (RF) EAS hard tags made by Sensormatic and Checkpoint respectively. It is also compatible with most of the All-Tag brand tags as well. ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications Color Metal Pin Length 5/8 inch (16 mm) Pin Material Stainless [...]

Loop Lanyard


The Loop Lanyard is used instead of a standard pin to attach a hard tag to merchandise that could either be ruined by a pin or would simply not be applicable. Some examples of merchandise often tagged with lanyards include tennis rackets, baseball caps, shoes of all types, leather purses, baby strollers, and anything metallic [...]

All-Tag 33×38 mm SuperLabels®


The All-Tag Labels are paper thin, self-adhesive tags used to protect any type of non-metallic, hard goods item such as film, video tapes, books, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical items, or security cases for CD or DVD protection. These labels can be used for source tagging, which is the process of embedding labels inside of retail merchandise [...]

8.2 MHz & 9.5 MHz 4 Series Security Labels


Features: Our 4 Series Labels labels are available in a variety of formats; deactivatable, non-deactivatable, barcode, plain white, black, custom color, permanent adhesive, removable adhesive, thermal, and custom printed. We also offer custom roll lengths to better service your unique labeling applications. Functions: These Labels are compatible with Checkpoint and all other Radio-Frequency (RF) EAS [...]

Branding™ Labels


Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is a huge problem each year for retailers trying to reduce shrink.  All-Tag’s new RF Branding Label was developed to help retailers reduce OCR by eliminating the possibility for stolen retail merchandise to be resold to other retail stores.   Features: This new RF label consists of an All-Tag 31x32 mm [...]