Micro Display People Counter


The Micro Display Counter is a completely wireless, reliable, and user-friendly People Counter.  Whether it’s used to help a retail store determine their sales conversion ratio or a library keep track of their visitor count, the Micro Counter will help almost any type of business operate more efficiently.  The transmitter unit (PTX10-1) transmits an infrared [...]

MicroLabel – 26 x 29 mm


All-Tag Labels are paper thin, self-adhesive security labels used to protect any type of non-metallic, hard goods item such as books, cosmetics, pharmaceutical items, or security cases for CD or DVD protection.  These labels can be used for source tagging, which is the process of embedding labels inside of retail merchandise at the point of [...]



The E-Tag™ is a high quality alternative to the Sensormatic® SuperTag versions I and II.  The E-Tag is equipped with the same detection antenna found in authentic Sensormatic brand tags, making it compatible with all Sensormatic Ultra*Max® Systems and more difficult to shield with foil lined bags.  The E-Tag is also compatible with all Sensormatic [...]

E-Max™ Tag


The E-Max Tag is our alternative to the Sensormatic Ultra-Tag®. This 58 KHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM) tag is compatible with All Sensormatic, WG Security, and other AM systems. It's sleek design and ease of use make it one of the more popular clothing security tags. General Features: The E-Max Tag is equipped with the same 58 [...]

Sensormatic SuperTag®


Authentic, Secure and Reliable Sensormatic SuperTag Tags. SuperTag I, SuperTag II, and SuperTag III brand new or pre-owned, and we guarantee their quality and authenticity. Why purchase low-quality copies of SuperTag Tags when you can purchase authentic Sensormatic SuperTag Tags in large or small quantities at very competitive prices. Brand new pins for the SuperTag [...]

Dural Tag


The Dural Tag is the Smallest EAS Tag on the market Specially designed coil offers superior detection performance in comparison to standard EAS tags Stronger and more tamper resistant lock Unique design conceals the pin making it more tamper resistant Hole for lanyard applications Retailer Benefits: Regular and SuperLock available. ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications Diameter [...]