Project Description

The TagMate is a 3 or 4 (with lanyard) alarm product that replaces the normal type of pin used to attach an EAS tag to apparel. The TagMate provides several additional measures of protection against theft. The local alarm allows store personnel to pinpoint the location of the merchandise being tampered with inside of the store. This also allows store personel to locate any stolen merchandise that has already been removed from the store. The TagMate is lighter and more functional than existing “alarming tags”, and it allows retailers to use their existing EAS Tags and Detachers.

General Features:

Lanyard Lengths – 20 cm (8”), 70 cm (27”), and 120 cm (47”)

Alarm Conditions:

  • If the TagMate is forcibly pulled from the EAS tag or the lanyard is cut, the TagMate, itself, sounds a 90 decibel alarm (until reset). A red LED lights for the duration of the alarm.
  • The TagMate will activate a 58 kHz Sensormatic accousto magnetic (AM) systems (even if it is not attached to an EAS tag) as it passes through the system detection zone.
  • The transmitted signal from the EAS system will activate the internal alarm in the TagMate. A red LED light will illuminate for the duration of the alarm. TagMate alarm will sound until reset.
  • The TagMate’s alarm function can be reset with an EAS tag pin, paperclip, or other pin-like tool. After the TagMate has been removed from the EAS Tag. Gently push the pin into the hole located near the base of the TagMate’s pin. The alarm will cease, and the red LED will shut off. When properly attached to an EAS tag, the reset hole should be covered thus prohibiting the cancellation of the alarm.

Retailer Benefits:

Extremely cost effective “alarming tags” solution allowing retailers to use their existing EAS Tags and EAS Detachers.

ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications
Length 1.7” (45mm)
Width 1.3” (34mm)
Height 7” (18mm)
Weight .7 ounces (20 grams)
Standard Freqncuey 8.2 MHz Radio-Frequency (RF) version also available
Pin Style 4 grooved or smooth 0.7” (17.5mm) stainless steel pin that is fully compatible with Sensormatic, Checkpoint, and most other EAS tags.
Power Input Battery Replacement – Factory replacement available
Warranty 2 years protection against manufacturers defects


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