Universal Ink Pin – Gray

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Project Description

This ink pin offers the same basic features of our Universal Ink Tag – Clear.  However the gray color of our SuperInk matches the color of the popular Sensormatic SuperTag® for a more appealing look. In addition, we designed this ink tag in a way that creates a perfect fit between it and a Sensormatic SuperTag making the combination more tamper resistant. Although it was designed with the Sensormatic SuperTag in mind, this ink tag will also work with Checkpoint or any other branded EAS hard tags.


Introducing a new ink tag very similar to our Universal Ink Tag, but with a unique feature that makes it even more impregnable when used in conjunction with EAS Tags. The pin hole on most EAS tags is positioned directly in the center of a circular recession so that the head of the pin fits perfectly inside of the recession. This feature conceals the shaft of the pin making it more tamper resistant.

ALL-TAG Ink Tag Specifications
Color Gray


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