Project Description

The Sensormatic Visible Source Tag or VST tag was developed for Apparel Source Tagging, which means the tags are attached to apparel at the manufacturer source instead of in retail stores. After the tags are removed from the apparel at the point of sale, they are simply thrown away. This may initially sound like an efficient and cost-effective process, but there is one major problem that has made retailers reluctant to try it. Most retail companies are now trying to achieve higher standards with regard to environmental awareness. Discarding millions of plastic security tags every year certainly wouldn’t comply with that. The Sensormatic VST Security Tag is also available in black.

General Features:

E-Tag has patent pending on a process that will allow retailers to be environmentally sound and enjoy of the benefits associated with VST source tagging. When VST tags are removed at the point of sale, the locks inside of the tags are disabled by design. E-Tag’s patented process will repair the locks so that the tags can be used over and over again. E-Tag currently has a large inventory of repaired VST tags ready to be shipped directly to apparel manufacturers.

Design Features:

When retailers remove VST tags at the point of sale, they should no longer be discarded. E-Tag will pick up the VST tags from any retail location, repair the locks inside of the tags, and ship them back to the apparel manufacturers for another round of source tagging. E-Tag uses the term Recirculation to describe this process. Through E-tag’s close partnership with the TIC Group, a company with expertise in recirculating various reusable retail accessories, we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective reverse logistics service on the market. Please visit for more information on EAS tag recirculation and logistics.

ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications
Length 55 mm (2.17″)
Width 30.5 mm (1.2″)
Height 17.8 mm (0.07″)
Weight 6.9 gm
Color Gray
Custom Color Not Available
Standard Freqncuey 58 KHz
Custom Frequency Not Available
Active Components Metglas
Upgrade Black Color


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