Project Description

The Q-Wrap is the premier solution for protecting high-shrink, high-value retail products that cannot be protected with traditional EAS tags or labels.

The Q-Wrap provides a new, simple, quick, and effective way to protect articles from shoplifting such as small cosmetics, perfumes, and other high-value packaged or standalone items.

Product Features:

  • The EAS label is not accessible to the shoplifter as it is fully wrapped in a sandwich between two layers of clear plastic film. The plastic film is locked by a strong permanent glue.
  • No glue marks or residue will be left on the product after the removal of the Q-Wrap by a customer or by the store operators when returning unsold goods.
  • Only soft glue removable glue makes contact with the product. None of the customer information is marked or blurred.
  • The barcode remains perfectly readable through the clear plastic wrap.
  • Soft removable glue to position the wrap on a product that will leave no marks. The EAS element (AM, RF or/and RFID) will not enter in contact with the product and will be fully wrapped by the plastic film to prevent tampering.
  • On larger packed items such as cosmetic products, the Q-Wrap will prevent shoplifters from removing the product from its packaging as the Q-Wrap will seal the access.
  • The extra-long Q-Wrap version will seal all possible openings of packaging making it difficult for a shoplifter to remove the product from its packaging without using a tool to cut through the wrap.