Project Description

The I-Tag™ offers retailers an attractive and tamper resistant AM or RF hard tag/benefit denial ink tag combination. The ink vials are located on the pin side of the tag, while the AM or RF circuit is located on the clutch (lock) side of the tag. When the two sides are combined they form one solid tag with the pin completely concealed in the middle. This makes it more difficult for shoplifters to gain access to and cut the pin. The symmetry between the two parts ensures an even weight distribution when attached to merchandise. This keeps the tag from hanging awkwardly when customers are trying on clothing. As with all of our ink tags, a warning is printed on the ink side of the tag that informs potential shoplifters what will happen if the tag is removed by force. We can print custom warnings, as well as store logos for larger volume orders. The I-Tag can be equipped with 8.2 MHz or 58 MHz coils to accommodate almost any EAS System. This tag can be removed from store merchandise with any magnetic detacher.

ALL-TAG Ink Tag Specifications
Color Clear
Custom Color Available
Locking Mechanism Magnetic Clutch
Number of Vials 2
Ink Fluids Non-Toxic, Non-Drycleanable, and Non-Freezable
Breakage Indicator Yes
Standard Freqncuey 8.2 MHz and 58 KHz
Active Components 8.2 MHz wound coil for RF version, or 58 KHz Metglas resonator for AM version
Pin Style Grooved or Smooth
Pin Length 16 mm (5/8 “)
Pin Material Stainless Steel
Upgrade SuperLock