Project Description

The E-Tag™ is a high quality alternative to the Sensormatic® SuperTag versions I and II.  The E-Tag is equipped with the same detection antenna found in authentic Sensormatic brand tags, making it compatible with all Sensormatic Ultra*Max® Systems and more difficult to shield with foil lined bags.  The E-Tag is also compatible with all Sensormatic SuperTag Detachers.



E-Tag versus Sensormatic SuperTag
The difference between the E-Tag 4 and a SuperTag is the size. At only 2.2 inches (5.6 cm) our E-Tag is much shorter than the SuperTag. This makes the E-Tag less bothersome to customers trying on tagged apparel.

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Retailer Benefits:

Compatible with all Sensormatic manual and power detachers.

ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications
Color Gray
Standard Frequency 58 KHz
Pin Style VST Tacks / SuperTag Tacks

UltraStrip, UltraGator, UltraTag, UltraMax, SuperTag and Sensormatic are registered trademarks ® of Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Checkpoint. 

We sell products that are compatible with Sensormatic products, preowned (used) Sensormatic products, and never been used Sensormatic products.


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