Project Description


ALL-TAG introduces the most tamper resistant AM & RF Overlay and Box Seal combination products on the market.  These innovative solutions not only protect AM & RF labels from being peeled off the packaging, but they also seal packages to prevent the removal and theft of the product inside.

Some retailers want a custom printed Overlay or Seal to create an effective theft deterrent, while other retailers want clear Overlays so that the product information on the outside of the packaging can still be viewed by normal shoppers.

In either case, the extra strong branding glue and unique Overlay material makes it virtually impossible for the complete Overlay or Seal to be removed from the product without defacing it.  This protects the product from being stolen and resold on the gray market, which is a common problem with Organized Retail Crime (ORC).


The Overlay & Seal

  • Covers and protects the AM and/or RF Label from tampering.
  • Seals packages to prevent removal and theft of the actual product inside
  • Ultra-thin yet extremely durable material is virtually impossible to peel up or cut through
  • The most aggressive adhesive available bonds the Overlay to product packaging
  • Completely destructible material rips into tiny pieces if a corner or edge is somehow peeled up
  • Crystal clear, almost invisible material allows important product information to remain visible
  • Custom printing available on the AM & RF Labels or on the Overlay/Seal itself