Project Description

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is a huge problem each year for retailers trying to reduce shrink.  All-Tag’s new RF Branding Label was developed to help retailers reduce OCR by eliminating the possibility for stolen retail merchandise to be resold to other retail stores.



This new RF label consists of an All-Tag 31×32 mm SuperLabel™ (1.2 X 1.3”) RF label with a special permanent adhesive that cannot be removed from a product’s packaging without completely destroying the packaging. The retail store’s address and telephone number, along with a message requesting that the stolen product be reported if it is sold anywhere else can be printed on the label. Brightly colored labels can also be provided for an even greater deterrent. The bottom line is that no reputable retail store would purchase stolen products branded with these labels, or with damaged packaging.

ALL-TAG Security Label Specifications
Label Length 31mm (1.2″)
Label Width 32mm (1.3″)