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ALL-TAG AM Label independent third-party test results for EAS System detection and deactivation performance.

IDH Test Summary for NST (Signatronic) T3 AM EAS Labels

All-Tag Corporation’s partner Ningbo Signatronic Technologies, Ltd. (Signatronic) commissioned an

independent test of its AM EAS label model T3 under the standards devised specifically for EAS

detection and deactivation by the Association of German Engineers (VDI 4470). These standards are well

known and recognized by many countries – especially in Europe. While the U.S. follows technical

standards such as those compiled in the Annual Book of Standards (ATSM), there are no specific test

protocols for EAS detection systems and deactivators.

The testing company – IDH (Institute of Transport and Trade Logistics) – has been providing advice and

testing for the Auto ID and EAS industries since the 1990s. Most of the larger EAS companies have used

IDH to conduct independent tests and reviews of products.

The IDH testing protocols used in the Signatronic test conform to EAS industry standards, and are far

more rigorous than any testing performed on behalf of Walmart by Consumer Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Detection Test Summary 

In the first test, 10 randomly selected Signatronic T3 labels (not affixed to merchandise) were tested in a

standard Sensormatic Pro-Max EAS system. Each label was tested 3 times each in 20 different positions

and in 20 different reference points between the pedestals – for a total of 720 possible “detections”.

Result: The VDI 4470 standard for EAS label detection is 85%. The Signatronic T3 EAS label scored 98%.

In the second test, 10 randomly selected Signatronic T3 labels were tested 3 times each while affixed on

20 different types of merchandise (. Tests were conducted in 7 different positions which are chosen to

show realistic placing of the EAS label in normal retail environments. The merchandise includes a wide

array of high-risk products, including apparel, HBA, DIY, bottles and cigarettes, among others.

The 7 positions include 4 places concealed on the body, in a bag, in a back pack, and in a metal shopping


Result: The VDI 4470 standard for EAS label detection is 85%. The Signatronic T3 label scored 85%.

Deactivation Test Summary 

The objectives of the deactivation test are to a) measure whether a label is deactivated or not; b)

measure the deactivation height; and c) test for reactivations over a 1 hour time period.

100 randomly selected labels were checked for functionality before the deactivation test. Each label

was moved vertically down toward a Sensormatic Pro-Max deactivator from above and the deactivated

height was recorded. A successful deactivation is indicated by an acoustic signal. Subsequently, the

labels were checked for reactivation after 5, 30 and 60 minutes.

Result: All labels deactivated at an average height of 18.03 cm (7.1 inches). None reactivated in 60