TIC Group and ALL-TAG Corporation Have opened a new EAS tag sorting and distribution center in Vietnam to accommodate the apparel manufacturing plants that have moved to the region.  Retailers such as Kohl’s, Gap, Zara, Lululemon, and Banana Republic now utilize apparel source tagging to protect their merchandise from theft.  Our EAS Tag Recirculation program is an example of a service that can help retailers do this.

Check out the press release here.

Apparel source tagging means that the EAS security tags are attached to the apparel at the manufacturing plant rather than in retail distribution centers and stores.  Having the tags applied at the source allows retailers to eliminate the high cost of DC and in-store tagging, and ensure uniform tagging on all garments.  Retailers can get the apparel out on the sales floor quicker, because it arrives at the stores “floor-ready”.


About TIC Group
TIC Group, a Global Company operating in four continents, looks at the entire lifecycle of a product from post-production through to distribution, merchandising and eventually final disposition. This approach enables retailers and suppliers to drive down costs while maximizing the value of that product at each point within its lifecycle. TIC Group’s Product Lifecycle Services include order processing, asset salvage and recovery, hanger design, hanger reuse; EAS tag reuse, Reverse Logistics® management, freight management, in-store merchandising, product rework/ remanufacturing, asset recovery management, and customized software solutions.

For more information about EAS Tag Recirculation or ALL-TAG, please visit https://all-tag.com/white-paper/.