Check take a look at our Press Release regarding the development of a customizable 31×32 mm SuperLabel®, a multi-purpose security label that will increase source tagging compliance by allowing Consumer Goods Manufactures (CGM) to promote their brand and enhance merchandising.

ALL-TAG’s customizable security label offers many printing options, such as brand logos, slogans, and QR Codes. CGM’s and other retail merchandise vendors that are required to source tag their merchandise for various retailers can now use the security label as an additional tool that will keep shoppers informed and ultimately increase sales of their products.

Our 31×32 mm SuperLabel is also equipped with patented technology that boosts the detection performance of the label. Therefore, users of this smaller label will not be sacrificing performance. The smaller footprint allows it to fit on more retail product packaging, does not conceal important printed content on the outside of the packaging.

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