Introducing the latest People Counter System designed to track occupancy with real time counting, enhanced screen options, and audible warnings.  This system is affordable, easy to install and operate, and customizable.  

With the use of our People Counters installed at the entrance(s), Sensor Network Gateway (router), and a Micro PC connected to any Monitor (not included), this system can keep track of how many people have entered a location through a single and/or multiple doorways (up to 10 entrance/exits).

The customizable screen options allow system administrators to change the maximum occupancy number allowed, as needed.  The monitor screen visibly displays the count, and calculates the changing occupancy levels in real time.

Excellent for locations where the color coded display screen can be placed in a visible entrance, allowing people to see the capacity count at a quick glance as it reacts to foot traffic.


  • Clear real time occupancy counts
  • Accurate and reliable Infrared and Radio-Frequency (RF) technologies
  • Range from entrance/exit to display monitor – 20m/65 foot
  • Easy to read display screen options
  • Quick set up
  • Product support included
  • 2 year warranty from manufacturing defects