SST™ Tag

SST™ Tag
  • AM-RF-SST-Security-Tag-Bottom-Angle
  • AM-RF-SST-Security-Tag-Bottom
  • AM-RF-SST-Security-Tag-Top
  • AM-RF-SST-Security-Tag-Side

Product Description

The SST is more lightweight than standard “Pencil” Tags or other tags of a similar style and size, which means less pull on delicate fabrics and lightweight garments Instead of using ferrite coils for our AM version of this tag, we use a Metglas® resonator, which is found in Sensormatic SuperTags, UltraGators, and other Sensormatic Ultra Max® tags. This allows for greater detection by any Sensormatic system without special tuning or tweaking, and a lower degree of vulnerability to aluminum foil or booster bag shielding.

ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications
Color Black
Custom Color Available
Locking Mechanism Magnetic Clutch
Standard Freqncuey 58 KHz (AM) and 8.2 MHz (RF)
Active Components The AM version is equipped with Metglas®, and the RF version is equipped with a wound RF coil.

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