Retailers Can Require Their Vendors to Source Tag Soft Goods

Source Tagging apparel with reusable security tags and recirculating them back to the apparel manufacturer’s over and over again is more economical, efficient, and environmentally sound than any other method of tagging retail merchandise.

EAS Tag Recirculation™ has become a cost effective way to tag merchandise in retails stores. Stores like Gap, Kohl’s and Zara have blazed the trail for other retailers by training clothing manufacturers around the world how to source tag EAS tags.  We have teamed up with reverse logistics experts, TIC Group who annually recirculate 750 million hangers and EAS tags for retailers worldwide. Stores that have used Recirculation have also found that the EAS tagging compliance has dramatically risen and losses have fallen since they started the program. Another great benefit of Recirculation is that clothing reaches the selling floor faster by avoiding the tagging time in the back room of the store or in the distribution center.

Changing Security Tags and Ink Tags to Reduce Theft

Simply incorporating new security tags and ink tags with a different look can quickly reduce shrink and increase ROI

Last year a major U.S. retailer identified higher priced clothing in their stores where losses were increasing even though they were protected by a traditional EAS Sensor tag and ink pin. The retailer tested the use of a larger and different shaped EAS Sensor tag with an integrated ink pin that used a different detacher. The losses on these selected items was reduced by over 40%. The retailer expanded the program this year and they have seen similar reduction in losses nationwide. The reduction in losses paid for the cost of the new EAS Sensor tag and integrated ink pin in less than 4 months. The retailer attributed the reduction in losses to shoplifter not knowing how the new EAS Sensor tag and integrated ink pin worked.



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